Q. How can my group use the Giving Glass?
    A. We use your organization's logo (with permission) and customize your glass for your fundraising/giving objective. We will share ideas on how to use your glasses to create an effective campaign.
Q. Is there more than one type of glass?
    A. Yes. Both glass and plastic versions are available (Note: Plastic glasses come with a lid), and a price quote is sent if ordering customized glasses.
Q. Can I buy a generic giving glass for my own intentional giving?
    A. Yes. Generic version can be purchased on our website (minimum apply)
Q. When my glass is full with various blessings...coin, currency or anything of value, what can I do with it?
    A. Once you fill your glass, it is yours to give away to anyone or any organization in need. It's your gift to bless and give!
Q. Can I participate in the overall cause of Giving For You?
    A.Absolutely. You can give a tax deductible monetary contribution to the Giving Glass Project. Other ways to contribute would include referring someone to the project and/or contributing an idea.
Q. How do I place an order for our organization?
    A.Use the order form on our website or contact Jim Claywell at [email protected] or 1-888-463-4527 for more details.
Q. Can you see what organizations have used the glasses and see what the impact this project has had for them?
    A.Yes. Go to our testimonials and the adoption map on our website for this information.

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